Remy Ma Turns Herself In For Alleged Assault


Around 4:30 p.m., on Thursday Remy Ma bailed out at $1500. The female emcee’s attorney didn’t hesitate to come to her client’s defense; stating that the allegations against Remy Ma are false. At the time the attack allegedly took place; the rapper was at her crib. Today in court, Reminisce Smith aka Remy Ma was given a protective order to stay away from her accuser; Britney Taylor.


Remy’s lawyer, Dawn Florio undoubtedly denied the allegations against her client, “The complainant ( Taylor) is a liar, and my client did not touch her”. She added that there were numerous witnesses in the Green Room at Irving Plaza, where the alleged incident took place. Floria said that although Remy Ma did attend the benefit concert that night, she was home nursing her infant by the time the alleged incident took place. Police said that Taylor had a bruised eye. ” This arrest demonstrates how serious this matter


is, it is real life and not reality TV entertainment”, Taylor’s lawyer stated.


In an interview with Hot New Hip Hop, Taylor said the fight broke out backstage when she told Ma she’d saved Ma’s step daughter, Dejanae, when a man was attacking her over spring break. “She ( Ma) was like, ‘Thats not what I heard’,and she punched me in the face, Taylor said.

To add more heat to the fire, Remy Ma still has 90 days left on her , after shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph 2007 in the abdomen over a money beef. She spent six years in prison for it and paroled in 2014. The next court date for this alleged incident with Britney Taylor is May 24.

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