Offset and Father Reunite after 23 years. Grab the tissues bish.

Back in February, Kiari Cephus better known as Offset ( one third of the rap group Migos) released his ‘Father of 4’ album, with the faces of his four adorable children on the cover of the project. He shared that the project was a mirror of lessons and love for his family. He’s learned a lot from his own father who got swallowrd into the street life when Offset was just a kid. He’s always yearned a healthy relationship with his Pops to no avail. The 27 year old remembers speaking to him about 3 years ago.

After reaching out to his dad with monetary gifts his father still rejected his advances, which made it all the more painful for the Migos rapper to cope. “I’ve reached out and you’ve slapped my hand. You slapped my hand when it wasn’t even out. You didn’t even come back to out anything in my hand. So now I feel like you don’t have any respect for me. You’re still running and you don’t have to”, he shared in a heartfelt interview.

He also admitted that he would still jump at the opportunity to take care of his father if he ever needed him. “If my daddy called me right now, he said, “I’d get on a jet, buy him a house, give him a million dollars, and I won’t talk to him for another 10 years. At least I’d know he’s straight”.

However, Friday Offset posted a video of him and his dad hugging in a heartfelt embrace. Looks like a family reunion has taken place and hopefully things are getting better between the two.


In a recent tweet, he stated, ” Fatherhood was missing in my life and sometimes I have to be missing for work but it all comes back to the little ones I’m setting them up for the future”‘ he said.

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