Bun B Shoots Home Intruder in the shoulder, who demanded valuables– mugshot of suspect.

Houston rapper, Bernard Freeman AKA Bun B was involved in a shoot out in front of his Houston home, when there was a  knock at his door Tuesday night. His wife Queenie opened it thinking it may be an expected Amazon delivery, only to find a masked man holding a gun in front of her. The intruder demanded valuables from Queenie, so she offered up her Audi in the garage. How scary right? Bun B was upstairs when he heard the commotion and confronted the robber as he was getting into Queenie’s Audi. They both began shooting at each other, and a full blown shoot out ensued in front of Bun B’s home.

The suspect is a 20 year old male by the name of DeMonte Jackson, who ran away and later showed up a hospital for treatment for a gunshot wound to his shoulder. The suspect has been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of burglary. Bun B has not been charged and both he and his wife, Queenie are unharmed with no injuries.  Bun B is best knows as half the rap duo UGK, a group credited for hits including, “Pocket Full of Stones”, “Ridin Dirty”, and “Int’l  Playas Anthem”. Go Bun B!!! Sometimes you gotta show em whose boss!!!

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