Rihanna on cover of Harper’s Bazaar


Rihanna has shown us that ‘we can do it all’ if we want to. She’s revolutionary in every aspect and is puttin it down on paper. These photos, posted by Harper’s Bazaar China on Tuesday, are set to appear on the cover and a feature of the magazine’s August issue. They were intended to show what happens “when western style icon meets eastern aesthetic,” the publication said on Instagram. But online reaction has been split.

Of course you gotta have the haters; saying she could be culture misapropriating. Some social media posters voicing concerns about whether it’s acceptable for a non-Chinese person to adorn themselves with items from the country’s history and culture.

Rihanna has always been diverse in her style and fashion sense.

Even in October 2017, Rihanna was bashed for dressing like the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti in a photo shoot for Vogue Arabia. And yet, this time around; there is a contrast between audiences in mainland China and the United States.


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