Kylie Jenner’s Fans Come to Her Defense for Attending Coachella as a Mom- Is She Not Entitled to Still have a Good Time Just Because She’s a Mother?


Seems Stormi’s momma can’t catch a break lately from the mommy-shaming finger pointers who lurk on social media looking for any opportunity to bash her and other mom’s.

Over this past weekend, Kylie Jenner posted a steamy picture with her boyfriend, Travis Scott kissing while boarding a private jet as they traveled to Coachella. It was noted by fans and paparazzi how her and her boo, Travis Scott were seemingly in lala land, loving each other and enjoying life.

A few mom-shamers were quick to bash Kylie by sarcastically asking, “Where’s Stormi?” and “You left your daughter home again?” However, this time around, people stood up for the Kardashian sister.  One commenter said, “The foundation of a baby’s life is the parents bond and love! Get that date weekend on!!! So many parents sacrifice time alone with each other for the idea that babies need 110% of their time. Then by the time the child is in kindergarten, the parents end up divorced, because they have lost a sense of connection and their romance is dead! New parents take note: GO OUT ALONE EVERY OPPORTUNITY POSSIBLE!🦋❤️


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