Tamar Sheds Tears this morning as she feels Lauren London’s pain

Tamar Braxton took to her Instagram Friday morning to reveal her deepest sympathy to her GGF Lauren London. The day after the celebration of life for Nipseys is still weighing heavy on people all across the worls, as we still mourn the tragic murder of Lauren London’s baby daddy.

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😔 idc, idc….i can post about Dave and our happiness.. but the truth is there is slight feeling of guilt and selfishness TALKING about being this happy while Lauren is going through the WORST time of her life. It seems almost selfish!!! I can’t HELP but think about the two of them. @laurenlondon had the 2nd hardest day of her life yesterday.. can you imagine what is THIS morning supposed to be for her?? Jesus on the mainline😰😰 I’m holding you down in prayer sis. You Bossed up like u where supposed yesterday and I’m proud of how you took you position like a champ🔮 but I could honestly feel that JUST like apart of him is with you, that a part of you went with him. 😔 while that could be comforting, having a part of you die HAS to be hard on this side to live. But again Boog, only YOU could have done this the way this was all planned. And soon you will see that. But for now, in THIS part of pain and no possible understanding, i send you love and light and comfort in prayer. Yesterday seemed like a dream😔 not only just for u but for us all. #nip&laurenforever💙

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A fan commented, “Preach!! We shall continue to lift her with our prayers! Very well said!”

Someone else stated, “Definitely keep her lifted🙏🏿 when you see them go in the ground is when it really hits 😪🙏🏿🏁.

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