Wendy Williams Begged for Low down dirty Hubby to Stay when he Revealed he wanted ‘Out’ of the marriage.


According to US Weekly, an insider spoke with Hunters publicists say that he was the one requesting the divorce so that that ‘could live freely’. Unfortunately this news came to Wendy Williams just days after she was reportedly in the hospital for overdose on alcohol.

The source explained that it was in fact, The Wendy Williams Show that reached out to Hunter to ‘beg’ for him to stay . Lawdy Chile! According to The Daily Mail, she was found intoxicated on the show on March 25 by a member of her staff. And on the following day, Page Six claims Hunters alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, had a baby. On the 28th of March, Williams told TMZ that she felt wonderful despite the ongoing drama around her . Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

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