Kylie Jenner is throwing accusations at her baby daddy. Is he cheatin or nah?


Source: Instagram

Amidst, the Tristan/ Khloe drama, Kylie is heated much that Stormi’s daddy may be stepping out on her. Travis Scott says he postponed his Astro World concert on Thursday, due to the accusations and intense arguing between the two. Instead, he flew back to LA to handle his business with Kylie. Travis Scott’s representatives addressed the rumors by saying: “Travis Scott vehemently denies he cheated on Kylie. It is not true. He did not cheat. He cancelled one show tonight because he is under the weather.” They finished by saying.

Source: Cosmo


Sources say Kylie is suspicious of Jordyn Woods creepin with Travis. TMZ reported she had a heart to heart with Travis, asking him if Jordyn had ever flirted with him. Not sure of his answer, but even in the midst of all the chaos going on, Kylie does miss her bestie and wishes none of this happened.

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