Kim Kardashian’s New Mission

KKW Beauty creator Kim Kardashian has won the applause of her fans, as well as folks all over the globe. The SKIMS founder recently funded a prison reform initiative recently and is making some big moves to get people who have been handed harsh sentencing reduced and/or released.


Because of this initiative, on Wednesday,February 27 a woman was released. She was arrested in 2014 trying to transport a half-pound of meth and some other heavy narcotics. The conviction used to carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in federal prison. But fortunately, the First Step Act changed that for this reformed convicted felon, giving judges more discretion when sentencing,while boosting prisoner rehab initiatives.

The woman who was released due to the First Step Act

One follower replid to the tweet with “Hmmm Kimmie it seems your following in your fathers footsteps!!! He’s looking down proud!! Who’d have thunk?”


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