Post Arrest convo between Tyler Perry and Jussie Smollett

Lately, the Empire actor is feeling the heat on his ass. Everyone around the globe is pretty much aware of the suspected fallacies reported to Chicago authorities about a vicious MAGA attack. And celebrities everywhere are chippin in their two cents as well on how they feel we should move forward. After all, where elseContinue reading “Post Arrest convo between Tyler Perry and Jussie Smollett”

Spike Lee Rockin the ‘Tinker’ tonight for Oscar Red Carpet

Spike Lee is keeping up with his own fashion tradition of wearing sneakers/ tennis shoes on the red carpet Sunday night for the Oscar Award Red Carpet. The Jay’s have Spike Lee’s production company’s name and logo on the back. You can purchase yours here. Click the link below.*rq2htWE&ranSiteID=Nw4.rq2htWE-tb5xPSo_mIdS8Eo_GONnpA&utm_source=SN+EPN&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=3485993