Rev. Ike Legacy, Black History Highlight


Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II AKA Rev. Ike…the southern, semi-dramatic prophetic tongue-talkin preacher/mentor of the masses is what comes to mind when I think of this man. He was born June 1,1935-July 28, 2009.

In 1958, he founded the United Church of Jesus Christ for All People and the United Christian Evangelistic Association. Sources say it was at this time, he began to feel “cramped by traditional Christianity”. So, in 1964 he started the Miracle Temple. He became known worldwide, packing out a 3600 seat theater in Manhattan every Sunday, being broadcast on all major television networks and was carried by as many as 1770 radio stations.

He also fathered  “Action” magazine with over 6 million readers, touring all over the globe, being featured in Fortune magazine, the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Jet magazine, and the London magazine, to name a few.


Rev.Ike taught and is still ( through YT videos) teaching people how to manifest their dreams with visualization techniques; by opening up spiritual portals that bring you your desires. He teaches by some of the same philosophies of a traditional Black, Christian minister…but with a New Thought, New Age gospel.

The power we crave, to overcome negative thinking and to assist in reprogramming the DNA.

In honor of Black History month, Hidden Agenda salutes Rev. Ike! Thank you for keeping it oh so real and introducing us to new ways of thinking that brings success. With hard work, dedication, and cultivating creativity, we can do what it is we need to do to fulfill our life’s purpose. Rev. Ike, thank you for your wisdom and service you so graciously gave to the world.


“We only use our powers for good”

– Hidden Agenda

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  1. Thanks for this article. I love Rev. Ike and his teachings are reaching even more people today than when he was ‘in the flesh’. His legacy continues on!

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