Happy 3 year #ANTIversary


OooeeeMGeeee! I cannot believe it has been three years since I cut out a bad, self-sabotaging habit. And I owe a lot of my achievement to Rihanna’s ANTI album (2016). You might think I’m crazy, but  when I tell you!  Baby!! ‘No More Mistakes’ was my absolute fave and really got me through some tough situations at that time in my life. But don’t get it twisted, cause when she said in Woo “I’mma fuck it up wont you show me some –Run it back like you owe me something”. Chile I felt that. Rihanna came for the jugular with ANTI, she left no one alive in this savage camp album.  In James Joint, she asks  “How you live and love like fuck you”, giving facts how our signifant others can be stubborn. Especially when she said in Kiss It Better ” It hurts inside when I look you in your eye”…”What are you willing to do”? Yess Rihanna came through with the realness of dealing with toxic and narcissistic traits. But not just acknowledging them, kickin them in the ass and taking no prisoners! Rihanna always comes through with the confidence and inspiration. 

Listennnn….it was so magical for me, the words she swooned about being empowered, and being unapologetic about who I was… changed my life.  Trust me, At any girls night out, or gathering, you knew for sure that album was on rotation. okuurrttt!


See below how she took to her instagram page, Tuesday ,January 29 to give accolades to this earth shattering album. I am so elated along with her.  This album helped so many people ease into the next chapter of their journeys. 


Have you ever had an album that just gave you that mojo you needed? When I listened to ANTI, which was literally every day, all day, I gained another push out the cocoon so to speak. I was reminded that I really was a bad ass, and that I didn’t have to accept mediocre.  ‘Consideration’ reminded me that I’m my own boss, she says “I got to do things my own way darling You should just let me, will you ever respect me? No”. 

There was just something powerful about the frequency of the beats, along with the empowering words, that if you allowed, took you to another dimension. And again, I can’t even front you, at the time this album came out, I was ending a toxic relationship, which had me really growing the ‘growing pains’. It was not easy, at all, whole time giving up other toxic, unhealthy habits that I had picked up.  But about 6 months later I had rid of myself of those things due to the inspiration in the #ANTI album. This album was a saviour for me, in so many ways, for so many things. You feel me?

Check out some of the comments, including @hidden_agendablog. And by the way you guys, I am soo soo soo grateful for those of you who follow, like and comment on the blog and on the IG. I am so grateful for the new followers everyday on the blog.  I’m so grateful for the abundance of followers coming through on the blog, and the support. Even if it’s just a double tap on IG, I am grateful. After all, you don’t owe me anything. So I just wanted to interject my gratitude for YOU really quicklike. (little tear, sniff sniff). Anyway, let’s get to the comments below LOL.


However, even in the midst of the celebration, fans are still  pressing this Bajan beauty  about the 2019 album she’s promised. We have faith in you sis. Folks are just just anxious is all. (see below)




So, if you haven’t listened to the ANTI album, do yourself a favor and grab it. Listen while you take a nice, soaking bath, or while you’re cleaning up.  I think you will love it and take from it what inspires you the most. Thanks Rihanna! And a bubbly toast to your happy #Antiversary…. xoxoxoxoxoxo.

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