Vegan Fashion Week

#VFW is the hashtag of the month, and next as well. (shoulder shrug). It will begin Friday, Feb 1-4. The runway will be announced on Monday, January 21. Emmanuelle Rienda, also an animal rights activist, is the founder and creative director for VFW.


Last year LA began it’s first ever ban to sell or manufacture fur. In just few weeks, Los Angeles, CA will host it’s very first, and only in the U.S. … Vegan Fashion Show. Rienda says her intention is for people to be “very inclusive and open”. Doesn’t look Rienda is alone in her stance for more cruelty-free garments and products. Recently, CoverGirl earned their cruelty free certification. According to sources Vegan fashion is set to go mainstream in 2019. Additionally, designers like Givenchy, Tom Ford, Gucci, Michael Kors and Versace announced that they would be adopting more ethical and eco – conscious practices withing the industry.


This is refreshing news since lots of us are going toward vegan in our everyday diets as well. It makes sense. 

I personally appreciate the integrity that’s being woven into the fashion industry. What are your thoughts? Will you be attending the VFS this year? Let me know! Until then, I am always wishing you a boat load of peace, love and prosperity my loves. Muuaaahhh xoxoxoxo

” We only use our powers for good”

-Hidden Agenda


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