Twinsies ❤️

Who wore it best? These fits from Fashionnova. It’s a yellow two peice. Super cute I might add. Guess Rob’s taste hasn’t changed huh? Since it’s rumored that he’s now dating Alexis Skyy, (left),but you didnt hear it from me. According to sources, Alexis has declared her love for Rob to Blac Chyna, and let’s just say it didn’t go over so well. . He’s been posting lately some photos of the two alluding to the suspicions of the two being a pair. As recently as January 14, he posted on his snapchat a photo of Alexis, calling her his WCW, adding “I’ve been wanting you for so long”. When fans accused him of trying to ruffle Chyna’s feathers, he replied stating “Me and Alexis known each other for 5 years so stop with that”, he wrote on Twitter. The engagement between Blac Chyna and Rob was called off back in December 2016, currently beefing over child support. So we will leave that tea to steep for a while, chile.

Anyhoo, let’s get into these outfits hunny. Alexis is wearing hers with a Fendi get-up made up Fendi faux fur slide on kicks, with the Fendi logo baseball cap to match.

Blac Chyna wore yellow soled see through heels with the back out. They have the name Justine etched in gold going across. They both look cute. I think my vote goes with Alexis. I’m a low-key sucker for a logo, and I’m really diggin that Fendi get-up. I like how she accessorized it , looking cook but also comfy. I’m also all about that comfy life. Being a working mom and all. Anyhoo, what’s your thoughts? In the meantime, as always, I’m wishing you a boat load of peace, love, and prosperity. Toodles til later Sleighbelles. muuuaahh xoxoxoxoxo

“We only use our powers for good”

-Hidden Agenda

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