The Future is Female

A huge congrats goes to Regina King for
winning Best Supportive Actress for “If Beale Street Could Talk”.

The 227 icon & living room legend received her award with great pride last night and humility; gracing the stage in her  sequin strapless custom Alberta Ferretti limited edition gown.  Regina King vowed in her acceptance speech that for the next two years her projects would include at least fifty percent of women. She made a gender equality pledge.


“So often, everyone out there that hears us on a red carpet and they say celebrities are using the time to talk about ourselves when we are on our soap box and using a moment to talk about the systemic things that are going on in life, time’s up times two,” she said.


However, at this point during her speech the ‘Please start wrapping up your speech’ music begins to play.

But then abruptly stops when Regina King finishes by saying, “The reason why we do this is because we understand that our microphones are big and we’re speaking for everyone,” she said.


“I’m going to use my platform right now to say,” she said, “in the next two years, everything that I produce — I’m making a vow and it’s going to be tough — to make sure that everything that I produce — I’m making a vow and it’s going to be tough — to make sure that everything that I produce is 50 percent women”.


She received vociferous applause. There were several celebrities spotted showing their support , wearing black and white “Time’s Up x2″ bracelets and ribbons in solidarity with the sexual harassment prevention.

You are our hero, Regina King. This nation needs healing, and it begins with people like you. Thank you for your hard work over the centuries and decades. This literally brought tears to my eyes writing this. Sometimes, victims lose their voice.  And Regina King is being that voice. It’s refreshing to have that voice to advocate for minorities who are overlooked and under represented  in this society.

Oscar-nominee and costume designer Arianne Phillips designed the Time’s Up logo last year. The concept is to double the number of women in nuances that are misrepresented by women.  You can purchase the silicone bracelet for yourself for $5 from the  Time’s Up  website.

The money goes toward the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which gives support to sexual assault victims.  The support appears to be going strong and Regina King certainly made clear her intentions of future change by cementing this movement.  We salute you Regina King, and we appreciate you.  And to all the women out there (and men) suffering in silence, never forget that you are not alone, it was never your fault and you are worth healing!

“We only use our powers for good”

-Hidden Agenda


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