Yung Joc is feeling Blue

This morning, Yung Joc posted a picture of himself on Instagram. It looks to be him getting a fresh color n cut Chile in the hair salon. He still has the cape on, while squinting for a quick group pic in the salon( probably had just gotten that last salon spray-down), you know the one LOL. He has turquoise colored hair cut into a short Bob.


Under the picture, the caption reads “I make me laugh fr fr😂 never be afraid of self-expression”.  Remember in 2016 when Yung Joc sent us on an unexpected roller coaster ride when he permed his hair back in 2016 for an ‘ acting role’? Well, recently Usher emulated the iconic  idiosyncrasy, with a slight variation.


So Yung Joc is now summoning  Usher to a challenge of some sort in regard to fleeky hair.

Who do you think will win this battle?
Are you loving this new color and cut on Yung Joc? I know for me, when I get my hair colored I feel sexy and refreshed, almost revived so to speak. Our hair is our crown and glory. It shapes our facial features, depending on how we style it and provides us with confidence.

In 2019, with depression and murder rates skyrocketing, I suppose men need to be refreshed and revived as well and if fresh, colored tresses is what it takes, I say do your thang bruh … whatever makes you happy nappy! After all, I don’t think he’s too much worried about negative comments. He’s doing him regardless. And as I always say ‘ Confidence should be the first layer to any outfit’, anyway! And it looks like he has that on lock.

Men would you rock these tresses or nah? In the meantime, y’all be blessed now👊🏿.

-Hidden Agenda


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