Fabletics Partners with Kelly Rowland


Have you seen Kelly Rowland’s new athletic wear line? Yaaasss Kells 🙌🏿 Kelendria Trene Rowland always served us with grace, style and women empowerment. Who better to motivate us to stay fit? She’s been through so much as all of us have, but I admire the resiliency I’ve seen in her. From domestic abuse from a former lover, to suffering the embarrassment of passing out on stage back in 2007 from dehydration and being mocked in regard to that, your girl has pulled through!

Anyway, fans are happy that she is high on her strides and looking like a cocoa butter schnack in her new athletic look. I personally,haven’t purchased anything yet but definitely intend to see what they are all about. Mainly, putting on workout clothes inspire me to actually to work out and not to waste the true intention of the threads. Don’t judge me 💅

Kelly Was Verbally Abused And Body Shamed

Anyway, in an interview with Us Weekly, she suffered verbal abuse from body shamers, claiming her “arms are too masculine.”


“I used to be afraid to hold up my arms”, Kelly shared. Being the boss she is, she pushed through and worked hard.



When you sign up for Fabletics, you’ll receive the option for a monthly subscription, and then you get your first limited edition athletic set for $24. Rowland’s line offers a going out, or working out look. It’s all up to you, either way you will be caauuuttee! (if your’e a size xxs-XL). Okay, Kells, can we get some larger sizes on deck, sis? Now, this kinda sucks because Fabletics sizes range through 3x normally. ‘Beyonce’s bestie’ did state in a phone interview with Rachel Zoe “I wanted this to be a celebration for women, for freedom, for being able to move your body and not be restricted from anything. To be comfortable in your own skin”.

How Kelly Rowland Fans Are Feeling

Ole girl can definitely get with that! I love pieces that allow me to be cute and comfy at the same time.

Inspired by her love of dance, the ‘Motivation‘ hitmaker’s sixteen piece collection includes leggings, sleek bodysuits, and tops. Salute Queen!! Let me know what you think, if you’ve purchased from her brand yet. Looking forward to more ventures in the months to come!

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