Fall Coat Talk

Hey my Sleigh belles,


I know it’s been a minute. I wanna thank you guys for tuning in and giving me  a piece of your time today. This blog is just bits n pieces of life Chile. A lil fashion and what’s on trend for the fall, and seeing what you guys have been up to … quick lil chop up session wit cha … There’s been so much inspiration around us lately, with so many Queens and icons making major moves. I’m so proud of you, and inspired to take action on my goals.


Life has been so crazy lately, throwing me all kinds of curve balls but with the help of God, the universe and my angels I am recovering from some unexpected mountains I’ve had to climb. But the sign of a true hustler is one who builds with the stones thrown at her (or him). I’m sure you understand.

As a new blogger, I am trying to get the hang of doing it daily, and eventually hollering at y’all everyday. In the meantime, just dropping some fall trend coat pics to include any animal prints, leopard, zebra. My personal favorite is leopard, but hey whose gonna check  you sis? Do you! Check out the  2017 Rolling Stone cover of my boo Cardi rocking a leopard trench designed by Adrienne Landau. Super cute staple to have this fall, or anything similar….ok, anything trench really.

And yes…I know it’s now 2018, about to 2019 but that just goes to show you how we can recycle our fashion Staples we already have in our closet. If not, check out your local thrift store, you never know what hidden gems are there until you look. But only if and when you’re in the mood. I feel ya girl. *deep sigh

I wanna know…how do you guys feel about a trench coat? Growing up, I didn’t care for them because I didn’t appreciate the character and authenticity of a trench coat. And the fact that I didn’t like sitting on them lol, I felt a bit uncomfortable. But now, I’s a grown women’s and I think I can manage lol .

Also, Sleigh belles…..it doesn’t have to be super, cape-long. Check out this Burberry trench Selena is slaying, just giving us all kinds of schnack tease🔥😩💯


Okuuuuuurrrr!! So have fun with it.  What’s your favorite fall coat? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for listening babes, and always remember that self confidence is the first layer to any outfit, so own it, rock it, shut it down. 💅Later Lovelies.


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