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Not Sorry Body Fit

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Welcome to my very first blog! Hey girl hey!! Kick back, relax, wiggle your toes, take your wig off, tie your scarf on, and unlatch your bra. Today I learned a valuable lesson while cleaning out my truck, it was very profound for me, as I’m always asking God for more wisdom, it may sound a bit farfetched but it’s simple, and I’ve found that it truly does work. If you want something new sis, you gotta get RID of what no longer serves you. That goes for old receipts, friends, situationships, jobs, clothes you know you’ll never wear again, forced friendships, toxic relationships, lmmaaaaaooo I mean…. you get the point girl.

I’ve found that every time I purge unneeded items in my life, I get a quick return of at least double of whatever it was I got rid of. You notice that you get so much more in return and it comes fairly quickly too. It’s actually pretty amazing. All’s I’m saying is that this self-love I’ve discovered has been the catalyst to truly cherishing my energy, cherishing my own thoughts…. I find myself lately seeing the deeper meaning in things.  Okay, my bad not trying to dive in all deep…but ijs. I’m NOT SORRY about cutting certain toxicities out my life, as the mesh bodysuit I’m wearing simply states. Speaking of which…did I mention how it gives me all my lyfe doe? As you can clearly see in my (waist trainer free) photoshoot above…clearly, I wasn’t sorry about my stretch marks, or the hole in my foot from a Gawd awful spider bite from decades ago (most people think I’ve been shot, LOL and I normally go along with it for fun).

Every Spring, my #squad and I go on a No PHUCKS fast. No like…real live. And it’s so liberating.  God doesn’t want us bogged down and depressed and stressed unnecessarily.  I feel like once you release that power of that thing you no longer need or have control over, that’s when you tap into your authentic self love. We truly can ”have it all’. We just have to believe we are worth what we seek. See outfit deets below beew’s!

Thanks For Stopping By The Blog

Till next time my love’s!! Sending a boatload of inspiration, peace and prosperity to each and everyone of you. Thanks so much for reading my blog. Oh and thanks Nas for getting us straight. (wink)

xoxoxo……Hidden Agenda Blog

Outfit Details:


Hat: Ellen Tracy


Ruffled Leggings: Studio59

Gold open toe heels: bebe

Mesh “Not Sorry” Bodysuit: Studio59

Bow-tie Chain Hanging Belt: Kate Spade


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