Valencia Love Wants her Coins Back from R Kelly Trial, But Judge Says ‘Its A No From Me Dawg’

Valencia Love, 47 (pictured above) coughed up the $100,000 needed for the Pies Piper’s bond back in February on sexual assault charges.

Love paid the necessary bind to Vail R. Kelly out of jail, however new charges had arisen, and this past July federal prosecutors in Chicago and New York brought child porn charges against him. He missed the last court date to top if off because he was already being held in custody and wasn’t transported to the court date, therefore earning him a bench warrant.

His supporters went off saying that R Kelly was being treated unfairly because of his celebrity status and the type of charges being brought against him.

Kelly is now being held without bond. Valencia Love’s attorney, John Collins says that his client was unaware of additional charges against R Kells when she posted his bond.


R Kelly Is Relieved To Be Out Of Solitaire Confinement

R. Kelly, who is beng held without bail has been released from the solitary confinement and is back in Gen Pop.

The R&B singer is feeling real comfy around his hometown cell buds, where he is currently being held in Chicago. Although general population is normally high risk for celeb clients, R Kelly has no fear because he believes he is still a ‘star’ in a lot of people’s eyes.

On Wednesday a Chicago judge set a trial date for April 27, 2020, where he is being charged with child pornography and obstruction of justice.

R Kelly and Lawyer Beg To Come Out Of Solitary Confinement

Source: MGN

R. Kelly wants to come out and play with the other inmates. After being places in solitary confinement for his own protection, his lawyer, Stephen Greenberg addressed the judge on Wednesday to end the pied pipers solitary confinement.

According to paperwork, his lawyer claims reasons are:

  1. The client has no meaningful interaction with other people
  2. No fresh air
  3. No rec time
  4. No TV time
  5. It allowed to shower 3 times a week
  6. Only allowed to make one 15 minute call per month

Wait a minute.
But bruh!? Isn’t that what solitary confinement is all about?

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Anyhoo, Greenberg also insisted that Mr. Homie Lover Friend hasn’t violated any prison rules and that he hasnt been convicted of a crime and that his current living situation is takin a toll on his physical and mental health

Lizzo’s Reaction To Being Apart Of Barack Obama’s Playlist is Epic

On Saturday, Former President Barack Obama released his summer playlist filled with jams that he’s been listening to lately.

But wait, do you see #6? That’s right, Lizzo came in strong with her feel good anthem, ‘Juice’. The world is high fiving Lizzo in a virtual kinda way. We are so proud!

Since her breakthrough this year, the 31 year old has given us empowerment and magical reminders that we as women are only as strong as we see ourselves.

She’s a ball of fun, a link up with your favorite cousin, she’s a breath of fresh air to women everywhere. Her music is laced with savage and self love.

She is every women’s ‘yaaasss’ when were feeling a bit low. If you don’t gain some sense of confidence after listening to one of her songs, I don’t know what will.

So obviously we’re not the only ones singing along to this summer anthem, the Obamas are too. If you haven’t seen the video you late. Check it out.